The Indian kitchenware & tableware product industry is on the ascendancy. There has been a conscious effort by the industry to upgrade itself technically and also create capacities that are truly world class. The Indian kitchenware & tableware manufacturing industry produces products in excess of US$ 2 billion. It is growing annually at a rate of 7.5%.

Protech India’s supply chain management division has an excellent comprehension of the production capability of various companies in India in the area of kitchenware & tableware products. Our sourcing team has the necessary experience & capability in identifying the right Indian kitchenware & tableware manufacturer for the product that our customers want to source. They have the knowledge and expertise to independently cost the product. Once orders are placed on the Indian vendor, our inspection team is sent to the supplier’s factory for quality control and final product inspection.

Protech’s supply chain management division is a single window solution for all your sourcing needs for kitchenware & tableware products from India.